Partnering with schools

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We are offering the web app free to schools in these hard times. Register now!

This will enable teachers to make their online classes effective with graphic rich concept videos and interactive question banks.

Virtual education made simple!

We offer a complete solution to onboard your school on to iWisdom virtual learning platform, so you can conduct online video classes seamlessly.

We provide graphically rich learning aid (animated concept videos, memory cards and interactive question banks) that teachers can use to make the online sessions effective.

Optionally, students get their personal copy of the app for practice and revision.

Combining the secure and proven technology of G-Suite with the iWisdom learning app specifically designed for CBSE classes 01, 02, 03 is a powerful way to mentor young children.

Our technology is built to support any device (mobile, tab, computer), any platform (Android, Apple, and WEB) with a single secure sign-in.

Please call +91 6366538444 or contact, and we will be happy to assist you!