About Incredible Wisdom

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We believe every child has a unique gift, a unique intelligence through which he/she is born to make this world a better place. Our role is to nurture that potential, so that it blossoms and spreads its fragrance all around.

We at Incredible Wisdom aspire to put quality primary education into the hands of every child at an affordable price. We believe in overall development of the child that includes not just academic content, but also emotional intelligence combined with human values.

Incredible wisdom is established by Madhukrishna and Sowmya with learning as a motto.

Watch the iWisdom CBSE App User Guide to know the unique features offered by the app.

Madhukrishna Sudhindra

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I am an IT professional with 20+ years of industry experience leading large teams across the globe. I have worked in US, Canada, Europe, Australia, South Africa and LATAM geographies. I have led business units in the domain of Process, Quality and Workforce management that come with practical insight into the working of the current day corporate world, human behaviour, learning in adults, and the leadership needs.

Few years back I met with an accident and injured my spinal cord at the cervical level that left me partially paralyzed. The incident provided first-hand experience with the power of will, attitude and neuro plasticity that moulds our life.

As a responsible parent I have also gone through the entire journey of bringing up a child all through the school education.

In summary, I have realized much of our learning ability and attitude that shapes our future gets moulded when we were still young.

Better to do it right, the first time, when a child is young. With this objective I have established iWisdom along with my wife Sowmya.

I am passionate about academics and learning. This has motivated me to make a transition from the field of IT to education, after spending 20+ years in the corporate industry.

I have had an excellent track record in academics! I still remember those days when I got 60/60 in 12th CET Physics, 100/100 in my engineering drawing, passed out with distinction from NIT Durgapur, and scored 90+ in my PMI and level 2 ITIL certificates! So, your child is in safe hands with a person who knows how to score in exams, though that is not the primary aim of education :-).

While current modules focus on the academic content, we are working towards bringing an entire range of new topics especially concerned with moulding behaviour of the child.

I hope you will enjoy these courses as much as we enjoyed designing them.

With warm regards,

Sowmya Suryanarayana

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I have been a homemaker and a loving mom all these years, taking a special interest in bringing up my son Saatwik and engaging him in his studies. I am passionate about music, and sing light music and devotional songs.

I am a computer science graduate, though I have not put that to actual use till now!

I love interacting and teaching kids. Now that Saatwik is out of his school education, I plan to devote significant time on iWisdom along with my husband Madhu.

It has been an enriching experience designing the content for iWisdom app. I hope you will enjoy these courses as much as we enjoyed designing them.

With Warm Regards,