A specially designed CBSE app to bring the joy of learning to young ones!

"Intelligence plus character - that is the goal of true education" - Martin Luther King Jr

App covers complete CBSE syllabous, providing each lesson in NCERT textbook with:

  • Concept videos
  • Memory cards
  • Activity module
  • Question bank
  • Reference to NCERT text book and solutions

Currently we are supporting class 01, 02 and 03 with Math, EVS and English subjects

Our vision is to bring the joy of learning to every child in India at an affordable price. We enable the the board curriculum with the help of an app that brings best of digital technology to enhance and enrich childs cognative learning experience.

App strictly follows the CBSE syllabus and NCERT textbooks. Currently we support English, Math and Environmental studies. Each subject comes with the list of lessons. Each lesson has concept videos, summary cards, activity module, question bank, handy reference to NCERT textbook and solutions.

Videos come with role play between teacher and children, rich graphical content, and animation that enable cognitive learning. Concepts in the lesson are clearly explained, and the same is reiterated by doing sample exercises in the textbook. Each video is designed to be less than 6 minute long, keeping in mind the attention span of the child.

Wherever relevant we also provide one minutes summary videos which provides a quick recap of the entire lesson.

Memory cards as the name suggest summarises the concepts and critical points to be remembered. They are custom made for a quick recap and revision. Mind maps are used on the basis.

Activity module encourages children to do various open ended questions and activities in the textbook. Facility is given to capture the homework and drawings as a picture and upload for reference.

Question bank has a large number of questions testing the conceptual and practical understanding of the child. Each question has rich graphical illustrations, and immediate feedback mechanism, making it highly interactive that enables learning. We support questions of type: true or false, multiple choice questions with single or multiple answers, and match the following.

Our products are of high quality and intuitive, keeping in mind the aesthetics required to enable cognitive learning.

We intend to support the app on Android, Apple and Web with single login providing uniform experience. We have also taken care to ensure the app works in all formats: mobile, tablet and desktop.

We intend to actively partner with educational institutions, so that children get end-to-end uniform learning experience both in school and at home.

As a policy we like to offer the app at a reasonable price so that all children in India can benefit from it.