A specially designed CBSE app to bring the joy of learning to young ones!

Supporting Class 1, Class 2, Class 3 for MATH, ENGLISH and EVS subjects

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Here is video links to iWisdom CBSE App User Guide and an overview to our teaching methodology.

App covers complete CBSE syllabus, providing each lesson in NCERT textbook with:

  • Concept and Exercise videos with an interactive role play between teacher and children.

  • Memory cards that use mind maps to make retention easy.

  • Activity module specially designed to capture open ended tasks.

  • Question bank with adequate coverage and immediate feedback!

  • Reference to NCERT text book and solutions.

  • App has a "forum" where children can post queries which will be answered by the iWisdom team.

  • You also get fortnightly updates from Wisdom online classes, which focuses on value education and overall development of a child!

In the era of technological development education has taken a turn to digital and online learning. Incredible wisdom's all new iWisdom CBSE app brings the school and mentor to your hand-held providing personalized education to CBSE students at the comfort of their homes. Featuring state of the art technology, the app analyzes and interprets different aspects of the cognitive learning process enhancing the students experience. The content has been specially designed to strengthen fundamental concepts. We ensure information is provided in an uncluttered calm atmosphere, avoiding all kinds of peer pressure. Recommended learning path allows students to advance at their own pace. Our focus is always towards making learning a joy for your young ones!